Messi's dad disputes his relocation to Saudi Al-Hilal

The famous Paris Saint-Germain player Lionel Messi’s father, Jorge, made an official declaration about his son’s future for the upcoming season.

In his comments, Jorge stated that “Messi’s move to any team in the upcoming season is not yet certain.”

Messi's dad disputes his relocation to Saudi Al-Hilal

No decision has yet been made, he said, and this issue won’t be taken into consideration until Messi completes his season with Paris Saint-Germain.

“There are always many rumors and sayings that use Messi’s name to gain fame,” he said. “However, we can confirm that these news are not true.”

He highlighted that there have been no verbal or written agreements with any teams up to this point and that there won’t be any until the current season is over.

He stated, “There is little respect from the media, some people deliberately deceive others without providing evidence of the validity of their claims, in order to turn any malicious rumor into a true story that serves their interests.”

Then he said, “These people should explain why they don’t check the facts before publishing them and why they don’t want their news to taint the truth.”

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